Focused Mind Jr.

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"Focused Mind Jr. is great for parents who'd like to try a more natural option to address their kids' learning difficulties. It works by increasing the number of cell receptors in the brain while also increasing dopamine, so it helps you get to the finish line faster and feel good about it! Although it can be used as a sole treatment for inattention and learning difficulties, it can also be used as a complement to traditional therapies, and without side effects." -Dr. Natalie

Here's what our customers have to say about Focused Mind Jr...

“Amazing results! I am absolutely THRILLED with this product. My son was very hyper and unfocused which was causing problems at school. Since being on this product, he has had three weeks straight at school without one note.”
“I cannot say enough great things about what this product has done for my child, her behavior was completely out of control, she didn't want to do school work or follow directions... as a mom I am thankful for an all natural product like this, thank you Creekside, I see light at the end of the tunnel now.”
“I was at my wits end. I was trying to wait a full 30 days before leaving a review just so I could see the difference; however, it’s only been 10 days and I’ve seen a HUGE difference already!!!! So no need to wait to write a review! It’s completely changed his behavior! He’s so much calmer and not as aggressive as before. (And yes we’ve done counseling, behavioral therapy, everything!) I’ve already told several friends about this product! I’m a huge believer in it and will continue buying it as long as I can!”
"Tried this product for my 6 year old after 2 months of using another brand. After a couple weeks we've seen a major improvement in attention span and we're not the only ones who noticed."
“My kindergartner is very easily distracted, with diagnosed sensory processing issues. Our OT recommended putting him on a GABA supplement to help with his focus. After a few days I could see a difference in him on the days we forgot to take his vitamins before school. When we consistently take supplements, he is less hyper and easier to redirect to stay on task during school.”
“This product is pretty astounding I got it from my son and I did not want to put him on harsh chemicals and change his personality but I did want to help him find more focus and stability naturally this product has definitely proven to work well taking it 1x a day even tho it says take it 2x a day I've noticed a great change in his behavior attitude and the way that he thinks and carries himself I'll be purchasing this again as soon as we're close to our last dose”
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