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Our Story
Darcy, a registered nurse, and her husband Sam were at their wits’ end. Their son simply would not sleep… and his poor sleep cycle was adversely affecting the entire family. They had tried everything, from dietary modifications to sleep studies to extensive developmental analysis.

When a friend suggested trying melatonin, they consulted Dr. Natalie, their award-winning pediatrician who specializes in Integrative Medicine. Turns out, she was a proponent of melatonin and its benefits for sleep, however, there was no kid-friendly dose of melatonin available on the market.

Creekside Naturals

So, they teamed up to create an all natural sleep aid that is safe and effective for children, and Creekside Naturals was born. Creekside Naturals products are pediatrician formulated, clinically driven, naturally made, and specially designed for kids.