Is Ylang Ylang The Solution You Have Been Seeking?

The Many Health Benefits Of This Essential Oil

We have only recently been returning to the regular use of essential oils, coming back to discover the health benefits on which people from hundreds—even thousands—of years ago relied. If you have been curious about essential oils but are unsure which to begin using, we recommend ylang ylang. Here are a few benefits of this aromatherapeutic oil.

  • Combating High Blood Pressure: A 2012 study conducted by Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine revealed that a blend of essential oils that contained ylang ylang reduced blood pressure, as well as the levels of cortisol (a stress response hormone).
  • Reducing Stress: Studies have also shown that inhaling the scent of ylang ylang or absorbing this essential oil through the skin can increase a person’s sense of calm, helping him or her fend off feeling stress.
  • Improving Moods: Ylang ylang can help relax the body and mind, giving you the sense of being uplifted. To balance and center yourself, use ylang ylang. If your child is struggling with stress and is unable to unwind for the day, incorporating ylang ylang into his or her bedtime routine can help him or her loosen up and settle down.
  • Supporting The Nervous System: This essential oil can help boost the strength of the nervous system and help it repair itself after any damage. It will reduce stress on nerves and can safeguard your child from developing nervous disorders.

Do you think ylang ylang could help your child get the rest he or she has been needing? Creekside Natural Therapeutics has natural products that can help your child get a good night’s sleep, including a calming room spray that contains ylang ylang. For more information about the right natural sleep aid for your child, contact our team, located in Batavia.