Supporting Research

Supporting research for emerging natural remedies in the marketplace is essential for informed parents and physicians. The research studies below have supporting evidence some of the natural ingredients used in Creekside Natural Therapeutics's products can produce the intended results safely.

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Clinical Uses of Melatonin in Pediatrics

This study analyzes the results of clinical trials of treatments with melatonin conducted in children, mostly focused on sleep disorders of different origin.

Melatonin Treatment Effects on Adolescent Students’ Sleep Timing and Sleepiness in a Placebo-controlled Crossover Study

We conclude that a small dose of melatonin given daily, administered in the afternoon, could advance the sleep timing and make the students more alert during school days even if they continued their often irregular sleep habits during weekends.

Melatonin for Sleep in Children with Autism: A Controlled Trial Examining Dose, Tolerability, and Outcomes

Our findings contribute to the growing literature on supplemental melatonin for insomnia in ASD and inform planning for a large randomized trial in this population.

Ylang Ylang Study: Relaxing effect of ylang ylang oil on humans after transdermal absorption.

These findings are likely to represent a relaxing effect of the ylang ylang oil and provide some evidence for the usage of the ylang ylang oil in aromatherapy such as causing a relief of depression and stress in humans.

Abstract on Long-term Effects of Melatonin Use for Children with ADHD

Melatonin remains an effective therapy on the long-term for the treatment of CSOI in children with ADHD and has no safety concerns regarding serious adverse events or treatment related co-morbidity. Discontinuation of melatonin treatment usually leads to a relapse of sleep onset insomnia.

Melatonin and Health

A recent report described the use of melatonin to treat sleep disorders in hyperactive and neurologically compromised children: small nightly doses corrected the sleep problems, and investigators noticed improved mood and more stable and sociable dispositions tended to accompany the use of melatonin with these children.

Chamomile: A Herbal Medicine of the Past with a Bright Future

Discusses the use of chamomile in traditional medicine with regard to evaluating its curative and preventive properties, and highlight recent findings that may contribute to its development as a therapeutic agent promoting human health.

Literature Review of Supplements for ADHD Phosphatidylserine

A literature review establishing support for various substances to overcome the effects of ADHD.