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Sleep Calm Kids Liquid Doses

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Sweet dreams are just a squeeze away with SleepCalm Kids. This homeopathic sleep aid calms occasional restless sleep without melatonin, so your child can fall asleep and stay asleep without feeling groggy the next day.* It uses a blend of plant-based and other pure active ingredients that help restore a natural sleep pattern disturbed by upsets, excitement, and schedule changes.


Sleep Maintenance

Active Ingredients

Chamomilla, Gelsemium sepervirens, Hyoscyamus niger, Kali bromatum, Passiflora incarnata, Stramonium

Additional Info

Flavor: N/A
Count: 15
Form: Liquid
Ages: 2 & up
Other Ingredients: alcohol, purified water

The Perfect Pairing

I recommend this because...

"I think of homeopathics like tuning pegs on a guitar - they help ‘re-tune’ the body over time. Homeopathics help the body heal itself by finding balance. Once back in tune, physical ailments should disappear and remain gone as long as the body stays in balance."

This works well with...

"While melatonin will help most kids fall asleep, it does not always help them stay asleep. Use this with Creekside Sleep Aid to rebalance your child’s body to promote long-term sleep quality."

Clinically Driven, Naturally Made