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Acne Relief Kit

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Clear skin starts from the inside out. Boiron’s Acne Relief Kit is an oral acne treatment containing three separate homeopathic medicines you can use together or individually to target breakouts on the face and body. It includes Eugenia jambosa 6C for blackheads associated with puberty and menstrual periods; Kali bromatum 30C for whitehead acne and scarring; and Selenium metallicum 6C for juvenile acne with blackheads and oily skin.* The meltaway pellets dissolve in the mouth without water and come in easy dispensing tubes to take on the go.


Acne Relief

Active Ingredients

Eugenia jambosa 6C HPUS, Kali bromatum 30C HPUS, Selenium metallicum 6C HPUS

Additional Info

Count: 3 Tubes
Form: Pellets
Ages: 6 & up
Other Ingredients: lactose, surcrose

Clinically Driven, Naturally Made