Recognizing ADHD

Natural Sleep Aid for Children with ADHDDoes Your Child Exhibit These Signs Of ADHD?

With cases of ADHD becoming increasingly common, it is surprising that many parents still have trouble recognizing it. Naming the disorder, however, can be the first step towards helping your child learn to live with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. To help you better understand how to help your child, here are some signs of ADHD.

  • Shortened Eye Contact: Adults with ADHD will exhibit this sign as well. The hyperactivity blended with difficulty paying attention make it difficult for someone with ADHD to focus on one place for too long.
  • Lack of Attention: Most children have short attention spans, but if your child has trouble focusing on activities he or she enjoys for more than a few minutes, you should take note. If, however, he or she becomes hyper-focused when engaged in a high-energy activity, that is also a sign of ADHD.
  • Never Sitting Still: If your child seems to be a bundle of energy unable to sit still even for a moment, they may have ADHD. Most children have large stores of energy and bouts of hyperactivity, but after they are expended they will enter a time of rest.
  • Trouble Sleeping: As your child ages, he or she will naturally require less sleep. If, however, it seems your child requires almost no sleep that is a cause for concern. Monitor your child’s sleeping habits to determine how much sleep he or she is actually getting.

If you think your child has ADHD, you likely are familiar with a difficult bedtime routine. Do not let your child’s ADHD lead to sleep disorders. Help your child unwind and slow down with a natural sleep aid from Creekside Naturals Therapeutics. We offer all-natural pediatrician recommended calming room spray and an effective sleep aid for children. To learn more, please email us at