Look for quality when buying supplements: The Creekside Natural Therapeutics Difference

Before you buy a supplement, you want to be sure that the product is top quality and carefully tested for a number of important things. This is even more true when you purchase a children’s supplement.

The only real difference between medicine and poison is the dose….and intent.

Oscar G. Hernandez, MD, Miami, FL, Critical Care Medicine, Pulmonology, Internal Medicine.


Some important questions parents should ask before buying:

  • In what country was the product manufactured?
  • Are there any common allergens?
  • Does the facility where it is manufactured follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) procedures?
  • Is assay testing perormed to confirm the amount of the ingredients is correct to ensure there is not too much or too little of the active ingredients? Recent news about Vitamin D is a good example.
  • Does the company do testing to safeguard against dangerous pathogens such as mold, e-coli, salmonella, yeast and other harmful things like heavy metals (lead, arsenic, cadmium)?

    Number of Active Ingredients And Amounts Are Important

Creekside Natural Therapeutics takes your child’s health very seriously. For example, many parents simply use adult versions of melatonin products. However, these products are made for adults and are not specially formulated in amounts best for children. Also we use formulations that make sense in combination such as our Creekside Natural Therapeutics Sleep Aid for Children which is unique in that it is a synergistic mix of natural chamomile and melatonin which have both been shown in studies to be effective.

Every batch of Creekside Natural Therapeutics is also third-party tested for harmful pathogens and for things like mercury and other harmful additives that you would not want to give your children

Many parents report that regular melatonin did not work, whereas our proprietary formulation, in the correct amounts was very effective. Some products contain a multitude of ingredients of questionable nature with unknown interactions between them. Creekside Natural Therapeutics believes that minimal, quality ingredients are important to prevent interactions and possible side effects while still providing an effective product. Why give your child more than what is needed of anything?

Creekside Natural Therapeutics Takes Extra Steps To Ensure Quality, Safety and Efficacy

Creekside Natural Therapeutics uses only the highest quality ingredients and is manufactured in the USA at a facility that uses GMP procedures. Our products are also free of gluten, wheat, dairy, nuts, animal products and most other allergens.

We inspect each batch of our supplements carefully and independently test to ensure that the active ingredient amounts are not over or under what is listed on the label. Every batch is also third-party tested for harmful pathogens and for things like mercury and other harmful additives that you would not want to give your children. This is not required, it costs us extra, but your child’s safety is worth the cost.

Example quality testing


When buying supplements that you or your children ingest, be sure to ask these questions. If you have any questions about our products that have not been answered here, our informed customer service department is on-hand and happy to assist with any of your concerns.