The Value Of A Bedtime Routine

Father reading to his sonsBedtime Routine

As a parent, you have probably heard “I don’t want to go to bed yet!” more times than you can count. It is not uncommon to feel like your child has more energy at the end of the day when you are just ready to relax. Creating and maintaining a proper bedtime routine can help to ensure that your child is ready for bed at the same time each night.

A bedtime routine is a great way to nurture and build a relationship with your child. Many children are much more likely to start a conversation during the calm and quite minutes before bed. Taking advantage of this time to snuggle with your children and talk about important topics can help improve your relationship. The undivided attention that children get right before lying down gives them the safe feeling that they need to ask big questions.

Working in a few extra minutes to talk to your child during their structured bedtime routine will help your child feel safe. The repetition of a strict bedtime routine is comforting to children, since they know what to expect, which includes extra attention. Knowing how to wind down after a busy day with a bedtime routine will help your child be more independent as they grow. Having the skills to relax on their own is vital for children to learn as early as possible. A simple bedtime story each night, even if it is the same one you have read hundreds of times, will help you create an even stronger bond.

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